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K-8 non-members- first student                              $6,562.00
K-8 non-members-each additional student            $5,775.00
K-8 members of Our Savior Lutheran Church       $2,000.00
Three-year-old Preschool                                        $1,350.00
Four-year-old Preschool                                          $1,900.00


Non-refundable application fee                             $50.00
Non-refundable annual enrollment fee                 $100.00
Milk card (20 cartons of milk)                                $5.35
Annual Ski Fee (grades 5-8)                                  $55.00
Annual Class Trip (grades 5-8)                              $175.00
Tuition payments are made through in ten equal installments on the 20th of each month from July through April.
A late fee of $50.00 will be charged on any account balance after five calendar days of the due date (20th of the month) without full payment.
A $50.00 returned payment fee will be assessed if any payment attempt fails. charges an electronic processing fee which ranges from $3-$7.  Payments using a credit card include a 3% convenience fee.
Tuition assistance may be available to those who qualify.  A formal application for assistance will be processed through Our Savior Lutheran's tuition management company.   Parents must complete the online application by April 20, 2024.  Award amounts will be communicated by May 10, 2024 for those who meet the deadline.  To request more information about tuition assistance, please contact the school office.

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