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K-8 Tuition

Full Tuition for 2023 - 2024 ……….$6,250.00

Our Savior Lutheran School offers several tuition payment options. The first option is full payment up front, the second is per semester, and the last is by 10 monthly payments on the 20th of every month.

Discounts for grades K-8

First Time Families: Take 50% off the full tuition amount for each child. Contact the principal for more information.


Family Multi-Student: Each child enrolled will receive a higher discount than the last, beginning with the oldest child and progressing down to the youngest.

Tuition Prepayment: 5% discount if payment is received before August 20th.
2% discount for half payments received on the semesters August 20th and January 20th.


Fees:  In addition to tuition, an activity fee of $30 per child helps to cover the cost of field trips and class parties.  Families that choose to order milk for their students will pay $4.60 for a 20 count milk ticket.

Scholarships available:  Click here to learn more about the Frederick D. Gallert Scholarship!

Preschool Tuition

Preschool Threes: 2 day session  Tuesday and Thursday

1 payment …………………. $1,300.00   Due the 20th day of August


10 monthly payments……...  $130.00  Due the 20th day of August through May

Preschool Fours: 3 day session  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

1 payment………………….. $1,600.00   Due the 20th day of August


10 monthly payments………   $160.00   Due the 20th day of August through May

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