Principal's Welcome

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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, 

Information, standards, traditions, and culture are constantly changing in the increasingly tumultuous times in which we are living. Education is, by definition, the passing on of the wisdom and knowledge of one generation to another. With our current culture in such flux, however, it is no surprise that current models of education are also in a state of tumult.

Our Savior Lutheran School provides a nurturing environment focused on that which is good, true, and beautiful and grounded in Holy Scripture. We joyfully partner with you in the raising of your children in the faith. 

In Christ,

Kara Harbaugh

Meet Our Teachers & Staff

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Miss Lydia Tausz


Mrs. Swem.jpg
Mrs. Katherine Swem

3rd & 4th Grade

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Mrs. LaDene Lyon
Mrs Wert.jpg
Mrs. Emilyann Wert

1st & 2nd Grade

Miss Brandt.jpg
Miss Alayna Brandt

5th & 6th Grade

Mrs. Tuinman.jpg
Mrs. Stephanie Tuinman
Mrs. Kara Harbaugh

Principal and 3rd & 4th Grade

Mr Roberts.jpg
Mr. Gerald Roberts

7th & 8th Grade

Dr. David Noe

7th & 8th Grade Math and Preschool Aide

Preschool Director


Mrs. Roberts.jpg
Mrs. VanEck.jpg
Mrs. Christina Roberts


Mrs. Betty VanEck

Resource Teacher

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Pastor Swem.jpg
Mrs. Christine Mueller
Mrs. Sandy Hop
Rev. Jeremy Swem

school secretary

church secretary


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