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Language Arts is instructed in a balanced way using the best of the traditional basal and whole language methods. The basic skills of word attack, structural analysis, and comprehension are presented in basal texts and classic literature. Reading appreciation is fostered through modeling of good reading by both teachers and parents along with practiced reading by the student. Grammar, spelling, and handwriting are taught as integral components of reading and writing process as well as separately with work texts to enhance the skills as needed.

Language Arts

Mathematics in Kindergarten through second grade is taught with a sound, hands-on approach. Students use manipulatives and paper/pencil to learn both mathematical concepts and the skills. In grades three through six a textbook approach is used to cement the basic skills needed to handle advanced mathematics. Grades seven and eight are taught elements of algebra in real life, self-study text. At this level, the teacher is a reference for the student to guide and assist in areas of concern, allowing the student to discover the problem solving necessary to arrive at the correct answer.


Science is taught in a combination of lab experience and textbook study. Life, earth, and the physical sciences are taught at all grade levels. A general understanding and appreciation of God’s creation is developed in the study of His workmanship throughout creation.

Social Studies curriculum offers a course of study which includes history, geography, economics, and sociology. Throughout, the students are given an understanding of God’s world and the people He has placed into it.


Religion Many children are led by the Holy Spirit to believe what is taught in a Lutheran School. It is helpful for parents to know what they learn. Our Savior Lutheran School teaches what Lutherans believe.


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