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Music and the Arts

Music is a gift from God and an integral part of the formation of all Christians.  Our students begin to sing and develop musicianship utilizing the best of hymnody, folk songs and Western classical music. Preschool music classes use First Steps in Music curriculum and upper grades learn music literacy through Conversational Solfege.

Preschool Music


Preschool students are invited to attend a weekly music class that begins a half an hour before the regularly scheduled school day.  The class uses the First Steps In Music program to intill proper vocal usage, internalized rhythm, and musical movement.  Students learn hymns and prayers of the church year, listen and dance to classical music, and discover the beauty and power of music.

Preschool Music

Visual Arts

Students receive education in the visual arts through weekly classes with our Grand Rapids Shared Time teacher and also through our weekly Joy of Beauty artwork.  Each week our entire student body studies and enjoys a painting or sculpture by a master.

Art Curriculum

Vocal Choir

Participation in the school choir is available to students in grades 5-8. Practices are during the school day. The choir sings in chapel and during special services.

Vocal Choir

The Performing Arts

God has given us the gift of expression through dramatic arts. At Our Savior Lutheran School, we encourage the expressive use of drama through the presentation of several plays throughout the year. Students in Kindergarten through grade 4 prepare a musical and grade 5-8 students prepare and present spring plays.


Private Piano and Instrumental Lessons

OSLS is happy to provide access to private instructors for piano and other instruments.  Lessons are given during the school day.  Payment for lessons is made directly to the private instructors.

Private Piano and Instrument Instruction

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